We are keen about delivering high quality 3-D rendering for the discerning customers.

Attention to detail

Our 3-D designers meticulously capture all the details in your product or room setting

Quick Turnaround

We understand time to market is essential and that is why we promise fast turnaround


Our pricing for 3d furniture design services is easily affordable for companies of all sizes

Our photorealistic

is better than photo shoot and much cheaper

Just send us your product images. Our expert 3D furniture rendering designers will convert them into attractive 3-D visuals with ability to tilt, rotate and pan. We can also place them in real life background settings to give the buyer a beautiful visual imagination. Our service helps you to attractively showcase your products, engage customers and increase sales.

Our 3D furniture

design services at a glance

Our 3D furniture design service gives life to your image or photo by turning them into real-life visuals. We help furniture online retailers and manufacturers of all types.

Lifestyle Furniture

Home Furniture

Office Furniture

Whom do we serve?

Our 3D furniture rendering professionals can design an aesthetically pleasing and visually stimulating furniture models that best suit your budget and timeline. We serve:

eCommerce stores

Lifestyle companies

Furniture companies

3D Is the way we experience life

Allow your voice to be heard and your product details understood:

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Where can
you display

our 3D images

Our 3D image creates brand awareness and adds value to your business. You can successfully get your furniture design to the masses by displaying them in:

  • Website
  • Social Media Channels
  • Email/Marketing Campaign
  • Videos
  • Brochure
  • Line Sheet Images

How does it work?

Send Pictures

Describe your requirements

  • Project details
  • Sample sketches/images
  • Functional areas & spaces
  • Furnishings and fitting
  • Decorative accessories
  • Project timeline

Initiation of work

Prepare scope and start the project

  • Evaluation by our 3D designers
  • Recreate lifestyle scenarios
  • Choose colour schemes and setting
  • Add animation where needed
  • Send you first draft for feedback
  • Further improvements

Completion and delivery

On time delivery every single time

  • Photo realistic 3-D visuals
  • All types of image formats
  • Variants if required
  • Feedback and suggestions
  • Quality checks prior to delivery
  • Project management

Why hire Integra

for your 3D furniture visualization/design services?

Highly qualified loyal professionals

Our qualified 3D furniture designers are experienced in working with 3Dsmax, AutoCAD, CAD/CAM tools and deliver a comprehensive 3D design and photo realistic visualization service.


Our vast experience in product 3D furniture rendering design services help us deliver images with all attributes including color, shape, curves, size, material, angles and so on.

On time delivery

We understand that sticking to the deadline is paramount; hence our 3D furniture design services are tailored to ensure on-time delivery of your project.

Industry standards

We follow 3D design and modeling system best practices to develop an authentic and a high-fidelity design for furniture industries.

Contemporary tools and technology

We use leading-edge 3D modeling software and tools to derive 3-dimensional rendering of furniture with modern style, accuracy, and high resolution.

Highly qualified loyal professionals

Our qualified 3D furniture designers are experienced in working with 3Dsmax, AutoCAD, CAD/CAM tools to deliver a comprehensive 3D design and photo realistic visualization service.

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Who can use our 3D design services?

We provide 3D Design services to eCommerce stores, life-style companies, and furniture companies. With vast experience in 3D designing – we help you with photorealistic representation of furniture with real life scenarios that helps you stand out and deliver a superior online buying experience.

What is 3D modeling?

3D modeling is a technique which is used to generate photo realistic digital representation of products. Various industries including furniture, architecture, commercials, engineering, automobile use this technology to showcase their product in an effective way.

What furniture products can you work on?

We provide 3D designs of furniture including, but not limited to seating, sofas, tables, sleep furniture, shelves, storages, office furniture’s, lifestyle furniture’s, dining room furniture’s and so on.

How do I benefit from your 3D services?

Our 3D design and models are photo-realistic with real-life scenarios, giving customers an in-store experience – and a clear perception of spaces so they can plan and arrange other design elements accordingly.

What products can be re-created using 3D modeling?

Diverse products can be re-created using 3D modeling. With vast experience in 3D designing, we have the skills to re-create any product that you see on daily basis. Our focus is mainly on furniture and life-style companies both online and retail.

Why 3D modeling?

Both retailers and online shoppers benefit from what 3D design offers. The photo realistic visualization of products created using 3D designing are widely used for advertising purposes as it imparts an accurate representation of a product.

Now, as the world is turning towards online shopping – 3D plays a major role for both online retailers and shoppers. 3D comes as a boon for manufacturers too. They can make quick changes to faulty items before sending them to factory ultimately reducing costs. Retailers can display the beauty of products, beat competitors, and see an increase in ROI.

What file formats do you accept?

We accept obj, step, dwg, lwo and images in multiple angles.

How 3D modeling enhances online shopping experience?

When it comes to online shoppers; be it home or office - they can have a better perception of areas by visualizing spatial requirements to organize other design elements in an attractive manner. They can also see and find out everything about their desired product and make their purchase with complete satisfaction.

Where can our 3D models be used?

The main purview of our 3D design services is to help online furniture or lifestyle retailers meet the trend of today’s shopping world. Our 3D photorealistic visuals can be used to present your furniture in online and print. Our 3D models can be used in in your websites, ecommerce stores, social media channels, catalog, brochures and so on.

How long will it take?

There are various factors that dictate the time frame of generating a 3D furniture design. They include the number of design samples that you need, size, and volume and so on. Depending on your requirement, 3D design can take anywhere from 3 hours to a week.

But, if you have a deadline to meet, you can let us know in advance. Our team will work on priority basis and complete your tasks helping you meet your deadlines.

How much does it cost?

Our pricing model is transparent and competitive when compared to other service providers in the market. We will analyze your requirement and come up with the pricing depending on the volume and complexity of the requirement.

How can I send the files to you and how will you return the completed files?

If the file is small, you can simply attach them to the email and send it. If the file is too large to support, then you can send the materials through file sharing portals or FTP. We will send the completed task using the same method.

Is it possible to communicate with the designers?

Absolutely. You can communicate with your 3D design team as you normally would with your in-house team and get your tasks done. You can give suggestions or comments, ask questions and check on the project progress. Be it one way or a conference call, we will provide your team with all necessary tools and software to enable seamless communication.

3D designs
help increase
sales conversion
by 250%

90% of shoppers want to see 3D model of products before making purchase decisions.