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Robo accounting: Robotic accounting services

Accounting industry is going through a revolutionary shift in using robotic automation technology. Many forward-thinking accountancy firms (and accounts departments) have taken progressive steps towards using automation technology. Finance, accounting and payroll areas in most companies contain significant repetitive processes. This leads well into using robo accounting and automation to cut down the time involved in repetitive processes and significantly improve efficiency.

The artificial intelligence digital robotic accountants can perform the following tasks:

Accounts receivables

Accounts payables

Operational finance and accounting

Standard journal entries

Bank and credit card reconciliation

Account reconciliations

Financial review


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Integra AI

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  • We understand accounting industry language better, as we have extensive accountancy experience (since 2004) serving CPA’s, accounting firms and businesses of all sizes
  • Our accounting industry experience combined with our automation skills make us your ideal partner
  • We will develop and deploy your accounting RPA solution much quicker than other companies (as we have extensive prior working experience with all popular commercial accounting software)
  • End to end service includes assessment, strategy, design, implementation and support
  • AI RPA experts with experience in accounting, finance and payroll RPA implementation
  • We will develop a proof of concept quickly so that you can understand the value of RPA solution (even before it is implemented)
  • Increased speed to market

Don’t calculate the cost of automation today… imagine the cost of not doing it…!!

Doing business without automation can get really expensive - contact us to get a digital robotic worker for your organization

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Recognize any of these? How AI robot worker delivers
High employee attrition? 0% attrition
Difficulty recruiting replacements? Always available
Applicants have little or no experience? Full experience on the given tasks
Performance is poor or erratic? Highly accurate 100% of the time
Proactive 'Can Do' attitude non-existent? Delivers day, nights, weekends & public holidays
Low or no loyalty? Grateful for your employment every single day
They start well but fade quickly? 100% commitment is assured for you every single minute.
Low attention to detail? Clinical precision first time, on time, every single time
Replacing underperforming staff costs time & money? Zero replacement cost to you.

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