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Outsourcing service for Paraplanners and financial advisors

We provide backend support services for Paraplanners or independent financial advisors in Australia, USA and UK. Our service is available to firms of all sizes, from a startup Paraplanners to large financial advisory firms.

Our team of trained professionals will complete your work exactly as you do it now using your systems, your methods and your compliance criteria. We guarantee to complete the financial statement preparation tasks with a quick turnaround. We also guarantee a cost saving of at least 50% compared to your current in-house processing costs.

Tasks can we handle for you

Tasks can we handle for you

Admin tasks:
  • New client entry – Risk & Wealth
  • Fact find & Reverse fact find entry
  • Checklist calling to various funds
  • Checklist entry into various CRMs
  • Online application – Risk & Wealth
  • Annual Planning Review (APR's)
  • Record of Advice (RoAs)
  • Investment Record of Advice (RoAs)
  • RoA review
  • Financial updates
  • Sorting and filing bank statements
  • Application process (collection of roll over/application forms)
  • Insurance cancellations
Statement of Advice preparation:
  • Risk only
  • Super and insurance
  • SMSF
  • Change underlying super investment
Our CRM software expertise:
  • XPlan
  • Adviser Net Gain (ANG)
  • Adviser Logic (AL)
Tools our team is familiar with
  • Disclosure Calc
  • Draft online tool for creating coded SOA template
  • Xtools
  • Salary sacrifice calculator

Advantages of using our financial paraplanning outsourcing service

  • Quicker completion and turnaround
  • You can handle surge in workload and take on more clients (with our support)
  • Cost savings of at least 50%
  • Elimination of all in-house costs (employee paid holidays, car, bonuses, commissions, sick leave etc.)
  • No need to deal with labor laws and employee management
  • Higher level of quality
  • Your own personalized team who will work how you want and the way you want
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